Enabling logging for your Test Framework is easy with EasyLog.

EasyLog Maven dependency


AOP Spring Boot Starter.


If you use another Spring Boot project as a parent then you most likely don’t need that starter. Just check.

Extend EasyLogger

In the package logger create a class logger like this

package com.xyz.checkout.test.logger;

import io.lenar.easy.log.EasyLogger;
import org.springframework.stereotype.Component;

public class Logger extends EasyLogger {

LogIt annotation

Annotate BillingAddressServiceClient with @LogIt

@LogIt(label = "Billing Address Service Client", style = Style.PRETTY_PRINT_NO_NULLS)
public class BillingAddressServiceClient {

    BillingAddressService billingAddressService;

    public void updateBillingAddress(String orderId, BillingAddressDto address, String token) {
        billingAddressService.updateBillingAddress(orderId, address, token);

    public BillingAddressDto getBillingAddress(String orderId, String token) {
        return billingAddressService.getBillingAddress(orderId, token);

That’s it. Now all client’s calls will be logged automatically with all parameters/requests and responses.

Find all EasyLog’s features here - EasyLog

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