This post is an attempt to continue the conversation that I had recently.

My point was: “I prefer to work on very complex projects, complexity is first of all for me. I really enjoy solving very complex things.”

My interlocutor was: “I prefer simplicity, for the project this is much better”.

At that moment I was confused a little bit because I understood she (Hi Carmen!) was right. Simple solutions means less expenses, less risks, less resources needed, less time to complete. Complexity always has a cost.

Later when I was thinking of that contradiction I realized - there is no contradiction at all.

The key words are “for me” and “for the projects”. That explains everything.

When the project starts our goal as a team is to create something valuable whatever it is. We (team) have to make all different things work together I mean other web services, databases, systems, CI/CD etc. Very often the software that we need to create is very complex as well. And I like that complexity.

Working on the project our goal is to find and implement a simple and elegant solution.

Given the above I would re-phrase my previous statement:

I prefer to work on very complex projects, comlpexity is first of all for me. I really enjoy when I make many different complex things work together with simple and elegant solutions